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    An interconnected and collaborative defense innovation network of Pacific Northwest entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, academics, and local and federal partners in support of the Department of Defense.


    Remove barriers to engagement and accelerate Defense Innovation through a center of gravity for the startup and venture communities, academia, and local and federal partners, in support of the Department of Defense.


    Creates a center for a broad representation of the Department of Defense, including each of the respective innovation, research, and acquisition organizations as well as warfighters in need of solutions, to come together with relevance and adjacency to the Seattle academic, tech, startup, and venture capital communities for the purposes of accelerating defense technology innovation.


    Academia, venture capitalists, tech companies, startups, and other small businesses needed by the Department of Defense lack the knowledge, relationships, and resources to engage with the DoD and solve national security challenges. They do not have systems or networks to identify potential defense applications of current technology, connect with knowledgeable warfighters, and streamline engagement with defense acquisition. The time and resources required to gain entry to the defense acquisition process prevents a large portion of small businesses from being able to apply their technology for national defense purposes. Likewise, the DoD struggles to identify small businesses with relevant capabilities.